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Thursday, March 10, 2016

News Release Assignment


Using the information provided in class, please write an original news release about Women In Need Victim Services (WIN). For this assignment, you should also include an appropriate headline to accompany the actual release. If you feel it is helpful, you can also write a sub-headline (optional).

Please note that the handout might include more information than needed in the final release that you create. You are to use the provided information as source material, but do not cut-and-paste the information directly into the release as the wording must be your own. You will need to re-write the provided info and assemble it into a news release. Pay special attention to the lede, which should reflect the newsworthiness of the announcement so that the media will recognize the value of the release.

Want to use a formatted press release template?  Microsoft Word also has templates available. See this link for a few.


WORD COUNT: Approximately 400 words