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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Advertising Assignment - Due April 15

Congratulations! Your agency is handling the advertising for a new restaurant!

Using the information provided in the link below, students will need to create an advertisement that includes art and copy (headline, sub-head, body of text) for presumed placement in The Seattle Times daily print newspaper.

For the artwork, you may use Photoshop or an electronic paint/photo program or simply cut-and-paste the ad together on paper using photos and printed text. There are several free image sources that you can use to procure your graphics, including Creative Commons Image Search.

As a disclaimer, please be aware that some of the best ads actually have very little copy! We'll review some examples in class. However, this exercise is about ad copywriting -- so we'll use a strategy that has at least a paragraph of supplemental ad copy to your design and layout.

As a supplement to your mock ad, you should also turn in separately a brief description (2-3 paragraphs) of your marketing challenge and strategy.

See the link below for the full assignment: