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Thursday, February 4, 2016

ASSIGNMENT: Traditional News Story

Overview: Develop and apply news writing and reporting strategies and techniques, interpersonal communication skills, and writing skills that are critical for success in upper-division courses throughout the Murrow College.

Your Task: For the second writing assignment, we will explore the traditional news reporting format. Your task is to write a publication-ready news story using AP style guidelines. Remember that this is not an opinion or feature story -- so your personal opinions or biases should not be present in the story structure, source selection or word choices in your reporting.

Peer Edits Due Date: Friday, Feb. 19

Due Date: Friday, Feb. 26

Your Audience: Readers of a traditional daily print newspaper, such as The Seattle Times or The New York Times.

Minimum Length: 500 words

Secondary Sources & Interviews: Choose (and use in your story) TWO secondary sources. These sources should not be random -- make sure that they have some credibility, expertise and/or connectedness to the subject matter on which you are reporting! Citing other publications is not considered a source. Also, please avoid anonymous sources and try to avoid using friends or direct family members for your interview subjects. Please include the names and contact information for your sources when you turn in the final draft of the story.