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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Prepare three story ideas for a traditional news story. You will present these ideas to your classmates and the class will collectively decide which of your story ideas you will pursue (deadline for first draft: 2/19).

For each story idea, please flesh out the potential story in a "pitch" that you might make to your editor. Include background information and the anticipated angle of the story. Be sure to justify why the story is newsworthy.

In your story pitch, you should:
  • summarize the idea
  • explain why this story idea is worth doing (why it is newsworthy for your intended audience)
  • list at least two specific possible sources representing both sides of the issue
  • identify the specific media outlet it is intended for
The completed story should be about 500 words. It should use at least two human sources that are directly related to the story. Internet sources may be used to background your stories, but you should use LOCAL sources to comment on these materials.

Make sure that each story idea is ACHIEVABLE given your deadline and resources. In other words, don't attempt to interview President Obama (unless you have good connections in the White House).

Remember that you will actually be writing the story that is selected by your classmates!