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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Grade Can I Expect? WHERE IS MY "A"???!!!!

I'm sure many students are wondering what to expect re: the grading formula and criteria. Per the syllabus, we have a fairly high standard for each writing assignment.


A, A - = The copy is EXCEPTIONALLY well-written, thorough and is FREE OF ERRORS in style and grammar. The lead is clear and concise. The copy is well-organized and contains effective transitions, quotations and descriptions. The copy is ready for publication or broadcast.

B+, B, B- = The copy is WELL-WRITTEN but may contain MINOR ERRORS in style and grammar. The lead is solid and summarizes the copy. Most of the information is presented clearly and according to proper writing style. It requires minimal editing for publication or broadcast.

C+, C, C- = The copy is POORLY WRITTEN and shows a lack of organization. The copy may have a rambling, vague lead and a poorly-constructed, awkward body. There may be an excess of style and grammar errors. The copy requires a good deal of editing.

D+, D = The copy shows very little organization or purpose. It contains many of the necessary facts, but they are so ineffectively presented that a major rewriting effort is needed to make the copy cohesive and meaningful. The copy has TOO MANY STYLE AND GRAMMAR ERRORS. It can be published or aired only after extensive editing and rewriting.

F = The copy is LIBELOUS, INCOMPLETE, CONFUSING OR HAS FACTUAL ERRORS. Style and grammar errors are found throughout. Correct writing is either missing or lost completely. It cannot be published or aired.

To add context to the above, it might be helpful to see the typical breakout of grading in this class. 

Spring 2015:  75% C or better; 25% drop or below C
Fall 2014:  73%; 23%
Spring 2014:  62%; 36%

For the spring 2015 semester (and the others, as well)  the peak of the curve was a C.

For example, here is the complete breakout of grades across all sections of COM 300 at WSU for the Spring 2015 semester:
A                             0
A-                           1
B+                           1
B                             4
B-                            25
C+                           45
C                             55
C-                            11
D+                          8
D                             3
F                              1
Drops                    20